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The Vice President of Jinhua Polytechnic Led Delegation to Germany

Source: Mechanical and Electrics College

Author: Zhenghuai Liu

Time:  06/3/2017

Recently, the Vice President of Jinhua Polytechnic, Guang Ma, was invited to visit Heinze Academy, Lufthansa Technik, KUKA Roboter, Educational Management and Talents Coordination Committee of the City of Hamburg(KWB), and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the City of Hamburg in Germany.

The delegation is having a panel discussion with the Educational Management and Talents Coordination Committee of the City of Hamburg(KWB).


Heinze Academy is one of the earliest college that was granted state permission to train talents in aircrafts manufacture. It also has lots of cooperation with occupational colleges in China. The delegation visited the training base, and had discussion with the President of Heinze Academy. The delegation learned about the specifics about enrollment and training of aircraft manufacture, and AVIONICS. The two parties reached preliminary agreements on faculty training, students exchange, and the construction of educational quality management system.

Lufthansa Technik is one of the earliest company that gained state recognition in training aircrafts manufacturing talents. During the visit, the delegation took a tour of the company's training center, getting to know about avionics, aircrafts assembling, aircrafts repair, as well as aircrafts inspection and operation.

KUKA Robotor is one of the third biggest robots manufacturing corporation. Due to its extreme accuracy in carrying capacity, its products are widely used in aircrafts manufacture, automobile manufacture, and medical facilities. The delegation visited robots manufacture shop and KUKA College, getting to know the specific structures and features of robots teaching platform.

In Educational Management and Talents Coordination Committee(KWB), and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the City of Hamburg, the delegation listened to the introduction of relevant governmental services, and had discussions with CCI in regards to dichotomous occupational education training, as well as quality control and certification.

This visit further expands the scopes of running colleges, and brought positive impacts on improving contextual construction and management of programs in Jinhua Polytechnic.  

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