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The Delegation of Republic of Rwanda Visited Jinhua Polytechnic

Source: the Marketing Department

Authors: Xuan Ye, Jingkun Zhang

Time: 06/13/2017


On the morning of June 13th, the Director General of Workforce Development Authority, Mr. Gasana Jerome, Counselor of Education and Business, Mr. Virgile Rwanyagatare, and Principal of Musanze Polytechnic, Mr. Emile Abayisenga visited Jinhua Polytechnic to negotiate collaborative programs. Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Government of Jinhua, Ms. Yan Jin, the President of Jinhua Polytechnic, Mr. Yijun Zhong, the Vice President of Jinhua Polytechnic, Ms. Yan Yang, the Party committee members, Xiongcai Zhu, Jun Cheng, and the directors of related departments also attended the meeting.

The event.

The President of Jinhua Polytechnic, Yijun Zhong, is giving a speech.

Mr. Zhong first welcomed all the Rwandan guests on behalf of Jinhua Polytechnic. He said that Jinhua Polytechnic is actively implementing the strategy of internationalizing its education. On the one hand, Jinhua Polytechnic will learn from high-quality teaching resources abroad, developing Sino-foreign education programs. On the other hand, Jinhua Polytechnic will attract more foreign students, becoming a state-level vocational college with profound influence around the globe, which was one of the important cooperation between the two parties. So far, the programs sponsored by the Rwanda government has been going smoothly; and Rwandan students study hard and perform well. Mr. Zhong wished Rwandan students would keep up the good work and achieve greater success. Furthermore, he also wished the government sponsored programs will remain healthy and sustainable, so that more Rwandan students could master their skills and contribute to their motherland.

The Head of Human Resources Department of Republic of Rwanda, Jerome Gasana, is giving a speech.

Mr. Jerome expressed that he was delighted to have the opportunity to visit Jinhua Polytechnic, and appreciated the collaboration and support from Jinhua Polytechnic and the municipality, on behalf of Rwanda government. He also expressed solicitude to the Rwandan students. He introduced the conditions of Rwanda's vocational education, and pointed out that Rwanda has some advantages over economic development, environmental safety, and social innovation. He said that he is willing to carry out the cooperation on various levels and in various forms with China to promote better economic and social development in Rwanda. Through this visit, he hoped to deepen cooperation between the two sides, and open a new chapterof cooperation among students, teachers, schools, cities, and governments, achieving mutual prosperity.

The Education Counselor of Rwanda Embassy in People’s Republic of China, Virgile Rwanvagatare, is giving a speech.   

On behalf of Rwanda Embassy, Mr. Virgile Rwanyagatare thanked Jinhua Polytechnic for its great support and efforts offered to Rwanda students, giving Rwandan students the best teachers, equipment, and conditions. He said that the embassy will continue to give full support for exchanges between the two governments, interscholastic cooperation, and communication between teachers and students. He also urged Rwandan students to work harder and achieve more success, setting examples for other international students. He wished that Sino-Rwandan relationship will last forever.  

The President of Musanze Polytechnic, Emile Ahayiseiiga, is giving a speech.  

Mr. Emile introduced the basic details about Musanze Polytechnic, such as its educational history, majors offered, the conditions of faculty and students. He reaffirmed his intention to promote cooperation between Musanze Polytechnic and Jinhua Polytechnic.

The representative of the Rwandan students, Haoyu Wang, thanked Jinhua Polytechnic for its training and care. He hoped that the relationship between the two countries will be sustained and more Rwandan students could benefit from it. He promised that all Rwandan students will study hard and contribute to their motherland.

The two parties are exchanging gifts.  

The delegation of Rwanda visited the Information and Technology College.

The delegation of Rwanda visited Mechanics and Electrics College.

The delegation of Rwanda tasted Chinese tea in Tourism College.

The international students from Rwanda in the event.

During the visit, the delegation also visited the Information Engineering College, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College, and Tourism and Hotel Management College, learning more about lives of Rwandan students here in Jinhua Polytechnic, and encouraging them to learn new knowledge and skills to contribute to the prosperity and development of their motherland.

It is reported that in 2013, Jinhua Polytechnic was commissioned by the Rwandan government to train vocational college students. Currently, Jinhua Polytechnic is hosting 58 Rwanda students. They have made great achievements in HSK exams, majors, vocational skills competitions, volunteer works, talent shows, and extra-curricular activities. 41 students have received various scholarships. The first class of 32 students will graduate in 2018. Jinhua Polytechnic attaches great importance to the collaborative project with the Rwandan government. Last year, the Party Secretary of Jinhua Polytechnic, Zhengming Hu, visited Rwanda to sign a memorandum to establish an overseas campus in Musanze, named Rwanda Musanze International School of Jinhua Polytechnic. In July, the Vice President of Jinhua Polytechnic, Yan Yang, will visit Rwanda and make a listing for the overseas campus.

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