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Vice President Yang Yan Investigated the International Education College

International Education College Chen Qing  Translated by Gong Hongyan

In order to accelerate the construction of the International Education College and to promote our University to be a college specialized in international education, Yang Yan (the Vice President of Jinhua Polytechnic) visited the International Education College again on January 22, to make an investigation.

During her investigation, Yang listened to a report of the Institute of International Education and stressed the following points:

One is to push forward the decisions on the construction of overseas branch schools made by the Party Committee. Preparatory work for Jinhua Polytechnic, Musanze, Rwanda is effective, and the next step is to promote the development according to the three-year development plan, to work hard on all the issues of the early stage, and to lay out carefully and promote the development of overseas language center and vocational skills training center.

Meanwhile, the International Education College should originate the Wintec International College ( Information Engineering School, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School and Architectural Engineering School related) to do the final work on this term and guide Art School to finish the application on Multimedia Art Design.

Furthermore, the International Education College should do well in top-level design and the five-year development layout for itself. It is also responsible for completing the declaration and construction of international education service trade platform in 2018, recruiting more international students, doing well in students management, nourishing the existing projects , exploring new Chinese and foreign cooperation projects, and promoting the Belt and Road Initiative exchange project in Thailand.

Yang also gave advice on some specific work, e.g., what should exchange students do before they go abroad. She pointed out that it is necessary to do the international education with the spirit and attitude of being a brand, to boost the construction of international education specialized school and the construction of key vocational schools in Zhejiang province.

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